Chiller unit getting installed

Chiller Installation

Optical Lenses Manufacturer

We took an old train chiller of 20-25 years old that was past economical repair. We provided a like-for-like replacement.

Industrial Chiller Unit

Chiller Installation

Plastic Extrusion

Their old chiller was past its best and was costing too much money to run. A new chiller helped them meet increased work demand and market growth.

Industrial chiller installation in brewery

Chiller Installation


We removed two old chillers at a cider brewery, with the aim of saving both money and energy, after one completely failed. We switched them from 2 chillers to 1 with the same output and inverter-driven pumps.

Industrial chiller installation

Chiller Installation

Medical Equipment Repairs

We provided a reliable like-for-like replacement of their existing chillers, switching to a more energy-efficient solution this assists them in the supply and cleaning of essential medical equipment.